You may have seen this image on the UBI Homepage, Kit and her blue hair make quite the impression.

Interview by B Vivit
Kit Melton has an unmistakeable earnestness and energy about her; and it isn't just the blue hair. For Melton, UBI was merely the start of a new chapter. After winning the scholarship, she went on to join up with her classmates to teach girls all about bikes in North Carolina and attend Trek U's Technician Development Program. After completion of the program, she moved from New York to Colorado to wrench for Trek Loveland. This is what the QBP Bike Mechanic Scholarship is about; furthuring opportunities for those individuals from and in underserved communities that are set on giving back, moving them forward to continue that work in the more advanced industry roles; and also why we highlight these incredible individuals that we are honoured to know through the scholarship. 
Wyman and Jude work through a derailleur exercise together.

Interview by B Vivit

Jessica Wyman, QBP Bike Mechanic Scholarship recipient for the class of 2019 Portland UBI, and I really connected during the scholarship and ultimately I spent a lot of time learning about her awesome shop and her children and their racing. An incredibly clear thinker and always ready with a smile, Wyman asked great questions and boistered spirits when she wasn't busy studying. Even while working through a knee injury, was always incredibly positive and definitely tested the limits of her injury while in Portland. During the QBP Bike Mechanic scholarship, there are folks from all walks of life, and one of the most beautiful things about these classes is that all of that comes together into one class and creates a community that lasts a lifetime. 

Kelsey and classmate/LIV cycling rep Acacia Wytaske sizing up a bike for the mountain bike ride.

Interview by B Vivit

The QBP Bike Mechanic Scholarship is for women, transgender, non-binary, gender-non-conforming, two spirit, and intersex individuals who work across the USA (and starting this year, Canada) in bike shops, hoping to gain more mechanical proficiency and certification. Kelsey Harrington came to us from Roanoke, Virginia as the General Manager for Downshift Bikes and Brews. With more confidence behind her hands, Harrington now leads educational workshops while growing her role in the maintenance part of the shop. Bloody elbows and a $h!t-eating grin after the LIV-sponsored ride; are how I remember Harrington's enthusiasm!
Holt and classmate Lynette Wood work through an exercise together.

Interview by B Vivit

Well-spoken and a force to be reckoned with, were the first impressions of Kristie Holt when she introduced herself in the classroom. It was no surprise to us when Bicycle Retailer asked her to be a part of the State of Retail panel for 2018.  While at the QBP Bike Mechanic Scholarship during the class in October of 2018, Holt stayed late at every opportunity and asked great questions. Holt has always impressed me as a quiet opportunist, not one to necessarily toot her own horn, but she knows; she knows a good opportunity when she sees one, and she is apt to make the most out of what she's given. I've been following the Local Hub Bicycle Company ever since.. 

Update: After 4 years of operation, Local Hub Bicycle Compary sadly closed its doors in December of 2019


We’re excited to announce our continuing partnership with Quality Bicycle Products (QBP) to increase gender diversity in the bike community, now in its seventh year. With over 100 graduates of this partnership alone, the QBP Bike Mechanic Scholarship (formerly the “Women’s Bike Mechanic Scholarship”) offers students the chance to acquire skills that will advance their careers in the bike industry, increase their mechanical knowledge, and deepen their bike industry networks.