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Thinking of the cycling industry jobs in general, one may assume that we are speaking specifically to becoming a bicycle mechanic or framebuilder. While we support these roles in the industry through our curriculum here at UBI, there are many ways to contribute to the cycling industry at large. Companies still need people to put bikes in boxes, they still need people to market their products, they still need people who understand the pricing structure of the industry to pick products to put on the frames.


There are journalists, electricians, event organizers, transportation specialists, packaging designers, website builders, logo makers, T-shirt and hat designers, jig machinists, tool designers, bloggers, etc. With the learning you gain from UBI, you'll still be poised to accept a surprising number of these positions, in addition to finding a bike shop near you. Once you've got your resume refined (we will revisit in another post), check out a few of these job listing boards to find the right job for you. 

Our very own UBI Job Listings board currently has postings from 18 states across the US: from New York to Hawaii, and Washington to Florida.  While the majority of jobs posted are for mechanics (either full or part-time) even within the mechanics positions on offer they vary from general shop mechanic, lead mechanic, mobile mechanic and (increasingly) electric bike mechanics.  In addition to mechanics positions, we currently have postings for sales, sales & service combos, welders, and even youth educators. Many times people posting to our website are folks who prefer UBI graduates; and/or have gone through the curriculum here themselves and understand where you are at when you leave bike school. 

Past job listings have included other job categories such as women’s educators, tour guides, couriers, co-op manager, shop manager, bike builder, marketing, human resources, tech representative, frame finishers and even volunteers of all stripes.  So, get your post out there.  Or just peruse the listings to keep up on the employment trends within the industry.  Either way, check it out at UBI>Resources>Job Listings.
Or click here to be directed that wayPBMA

The Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association, or PBMA, works everyday to bring a level of certification to the cycling industry. While the PBMA has a member's only part of the site, they also keep much of the site, open to the public. PBMA states their mission as, "...we hope to make it easier for shops to hire qualified mechanics, inspire consumer confidence in their service departments and consistently turn out quality service. We want to improve conditions for race mechanics, making their role a valued and vital part of any race team, across all disciplines.Through these efforts, we want to create a viable career path for all bike mechanics, so they can continue to grow as professionals and improve their wages..." If you choose to join the PBMA, it's members may also create an account that is searchable by employers, and the number of industry connects that PBMA has, grows by the day.


BRAIN or Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, in particular the "Jobs and Hires" section, is a free subscription which gets sent out every Tuesday. BRAIN in general is an awesome resources for the rest of the industry as far as who owns what, who bought what, who works where, and big changes that have happened. These things can affect all parts of the cycling industry from hiring, firing, wages, best practices, information on legislation that has gone through and information on tariffs which will affect the end consumer price, etc. Past that, for you as the individual, it can be a good place to observe job trends and possibly search for a new job.


" was founded in December of 2005 to enable the Outdoor, Bicycle, Winter and Snow Sports, Action Sports, Fishing and Hunting Industries' job seekers and employers to network and connect. In these particular industries, a passion for the outdoors is the common denominator between the job seeker and the employer. Our mission is to provide the platform where "the passion can happen" for both job seekers and employers alike so they may form mutually beneficial life and business relationships...Both and provide a platform for jobseekers to find a career and work in an industry where the employer and fellow employees believe and promote healthy choices and lifestyles. Similarly, employers in these two industries can find and hire qualified employees with a passion for a healthy lifestyle and the appropriate business skills. The employee will be more likely to fit into the established "culture" of the company."

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