Veterans and Vocational Rehabilitation ClientsVeterans and Vocational Rehabilitation Clients

UBI is approved by the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission for the education and training of veterans, among other eligible potential students.


UBI is approved by a State Approving Agency (SAA), The Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission, for the education and training of veterans. UBI provides two VA approved programs: Bicycle Mechanics and the other in Bicycle Frame Building. These programs lead to a comprehensive “Certificate in Bicycle Mechanics,” and/or a “Certificate in Bicycle Frame Building.”

The Mechanics Program consists of three courses: Introduction to Bicycle Maintenance (one week), Professional Repair and Shop Operation (two weeks), and the Advanced Certification Seminars (one week). The total length of study is four weeks, or 162 clock hours.

The Frame Building Program includes four courses: TIG Welding Seminar, Brazed Steel Frame Building, TIG Welded Steel Frame Building, and TIG Welded Titanium Frame Building. The program is six weeks and two days long, or 256 clock hours.

Who Qualifies:

Veterans with education benefits will be able to use their benefits at UBI.

VeteransEnrollment Information

You must enroll in (and attend) all courses in a program in order to use veteran benefits at UBI. If you choose to take less than the complete Mechanic and/or Frame Building Program, the VA may bill you for the classes you have already attended.

It is not necessary to take all the courses at one time, as long as your benefits have not expired before the completion of your last course.

Bicycle Mechanic Program

We strongly recommend that you take the courses in the Bicycle Mechanic Program in this order, due to the fact that each class’s curriculum is a step towards the next level:

  1. Introduction to Bicycle Mechanics
  2. Professional Repair and Shop Operation
  3. Advanced Certification Seminar Week
Frame Building Program

For the Frame Building Program, we highly suggest that you take the courses in this order, which makes it easier to be successful in each of these classes, due to the different challenges presented in each of these courses.

  1. Brazed Steel Frame Building
  2. TIG Welding Seminar
  3. TIG Welded Steel Frame Building
  4. TIG Welded Titanium Frame Building

How to Apply to UBI:

To enroll in UBI’s Bicycle Mechanics Program, you must submit a completed, signed enrollment agreement for your first class in the Mechanics Program. It is suggested that you complete all of the classes in the Mechanic Program within three years from the start of your first class, if possible.

To enroll in UBI’s Frame Building Program, you must submit a completed, signed enrollment agreement for at least one of the frame building courses.  We suggest that you complete all of the classes in the Frame Building Program within three years from the start of your first class.

Fees and Tuition

If you are using the Post-911 GI Bill ®, the VA will pay UBI directly for the cost of your Program. If you are eligible for less than the 100% benefit rate, you will be required to pay the difference in what the percentage the VA will pay and the cost of your class, on or by the first day of class.

If you are using Montgomery GI Bill ® benefits, your enrollment agreement must be accompanied by all class registration fees. The remainder of your tuition must be paid on or by the first day of class.

If you are using VA Vocational Rehabilitation, your counselor will determine which courses you are to take and how much they will pay for your training. Typically, VA Vocational Rehabilitation students do not have to take the entire Mechanics Program and/or Frame Building Program.

Applications and Enrollment Agreements

UBI enrollment agreements are available by regular mail with our registration packets. They may also be downloaded in a PDF format from this page. You may also register directly online.

Application forms for VA benefits are available at all VA offices, most active duty stations, and American Embassies in other countries.

You can also apply for benefits online at the Veteran's Online Application.

Class Cancellation:

In the event that a veteran or other eligible person fails to enter a course, withdraws, or is dismissed prior to completion of the course, the unused portion of the tuition and all but $10 of the registration fee will be refunded on a pro-rata basis. Refunds will be made within 40 days of the last date of attendance. This policy complies with CFR21.4255.

Credit for Prior Learning:

No credit is given for prior learning at UBI. Any student receiving GI Bill education benefits while attending UBI is required to obtain transcripts from military training and all previously attended schools and submit them to the school for review of prior credit.


If you need more information, please call us at 541-488-1121, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.