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Our seminars are designed for experienced mechanics or graduates of our Professional Repair and Shop Operation course. The goal: provide training in specific skills and technologies for the current model year that will help you become a more complete and up-to-date bike mechanic. We change up the topics and curriculum year-to-year in order to stay current with the latest bicycle technology, and this year that means…Dropper Post class!


The Dropper Post


Dropper posts are quickly becoming a must have for all-terrain riders. Better positioning, quick adjustability, one-click trigger…there are plenty of reasons to drink the dropper post Kool-Aid. 


And if your shop isn’t already in the loop with the essentials of dropper post design, service intervals, and a deep understanding of the components in the dropper post system, that’s where our instructors come in.


A Little History


In case you haven’t heard, the dropper post isn’t just for trail riders anymore. Endurance and XC riders have embraced it, making the dropper post the next big thing. 


The dropper post has evolved since it first hit the mountain biking scene 20+ years ago. Quick-release seat clamps and springs, lookin’ at you Breeze and Angell, and suspension seat posts made way for single-handed handlebar triggers. As the need for speed bred new technologies, the air spring operation arrived in the mid-2000’s. Fast forward to 2010, and the RockShox Reverb changed the ways of drop options as we know it.


At the end of 2019, RockShox unveiled their updated 2020 Reverb dropper post, and now we’re ready with the parts and instruction to bring dealers and mechanics up to speed. New internals, new hydraulics and new features call for an updated course curriculum to touch on the latest and greatest in dropper post technology.


The Class


If you’re a mechanic looking to expand your dropper post knowledge, the class is for you.


If you’re a shop owner and/or RockShox dealer, this class is for you. 


If you’re a rider looking to learn the ins-and-outs of the dropper post system, this class is for you.


Like with all classes at UBI, you’ll get your hands dirty. The hands-on procedures include disassembly and reassembly of the RockShox Reverb dropper post, hydraulic lever bleed, and an overall understanding of the common troubleshooting procedures. This class will cover both cable-actuated and hydraulic designs, fitment, as well as overhaul of the most-recognized dropper seatpost currently on the market.


The first Dropper Post Class will drop in May this year, rounding out an entire week of advanced bike mechanics courses at UBI. It’s a great addition to our other Continuing Education classes: the Fox Master Class, Disc Brake class, Shimano Di2 class, and Bosch Level 1+2 class which strive to update working mechanics with current model year information in each class.  


2020 Dropper Post class dates are May 19th, October 13th, and November 17th


Students can sign up for a single class or the whole week of Continuing Education seminars. For more information visit our Continuing Education page.