Building a steel dirt jumper includes a lot of decisions.

By Rich Bernoulli

During each frame building course, the instructor will also build a frame along with the student’s frames to serve as a demonstration piece for each phase of the frame building process. Sometimes we have demands from other industry partners, most recently Park Tool to display their new T47 thread chasing taps and Shimano to display their new technologies in their booths. Sometimes we build frames for fellow instructors (perks!), or sometimes for our own displays. If UBI or any of our industry partners have no frame needs, the instructor gets to decide what to build. We thought it would be a neat little project to speak to what goes in to deciding what to build, when you have the whole world to choose from. A steel dirt jumper!

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Michaela Albanese, 2016 WBM Scholarship Recipient

Interview by B Vivit

You might recognize Michaela Albanese from the QBP materials about the scholarship from last year, the pink hair is pretty hard to mistake for someone else. Albanese won the scholarship in 2016 and has one of the stories that we as instructors, always love to hear. Albanese used the scholarship as a turning point in her own career, applying to and continuing in a different capacity in the bike industry. Now one of the Field Representatives for Trek, Albanese uses that gregarious personality and knowledge to set up demos in the Northeast. Be sure to say hello and ask about her experience!

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Danielle Fry 2017 WBM Scholarship Recipient

Interview by B Vivit

Danielle Fry had just become Director of the Ogden Bicycle Collective, or OBC for short. Fry is the perfect person for that job; smart as a whip, kind, and professional. Her experience with non-profit organizations only needed to add a new facet; bicycle mechanics. The OBC offers classes in bicycle mechanics to the community as well as reasonably-priced components to upkeep them. Most everything they have and do is based on donations from riders in the community. Additionally, the OBC provides refurbished bicycles to people who need them for transportation and provides re-training for folks looking for a new job.

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Elyse Bejasa

On Watermelon Candies

I interviewed Elyse Bejasa about her experience in the industry, during the scholarship, and how that affected her life after she returned to Dashing Bicycles in New Orleans to put her new skills to use. Bejasa currently races for Urban South Racing p/b Rouler and collaborated with NOLA Cx creating a new cross event called BAWSECross that focuses on skillbuilding and inclusion of all groups of people, explicitly inviting those new to the sport.

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Monica Sereda

Interview by B Vivit

Introduction pulled from the USA Cycling website; compiled by B Vivit

Sereda grew up BMX racing, running cross-country and track, and playing basketball. She enlisted in the Army in 1987 and retired in 2011 after 24 years of service. She was an avid runner and began road cycling while serving in the Army.

Monica sustained injuries to her neck, back, and a traumatic brain injury as the result of numerous deployments and an automobile accident.

In 2015, Monica completed two 450+ mile Ride 2 Recovery challenges, the Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride, the Independence Fund Lt Dan Ride, and the World Team Sports Face of America ride all on her recumbent trike. In 2016, she progressed to her UCI trike. That same year, she also attended the U.S. Paralympics Cycling Development Camp at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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