Directions to Portland


Portland International Airport (PDX)

Located on the northeast side of Portland, PDX is served by most major airlines.

Once at the airport, transportation into the city is easily managed by the Max Light Rail system for around $5.

For more information on the Max light rail system, see the TriMet link below.

PDX is very bike friendly, and features a bike assembly facility right in the airport!


As with any city, there are many taxi / shuttle companies to choose from.

Blue Star Airport Express

(503) 249-1837

Broadway Cab

(503) 227-1234

Radio Cab

(503) 227-1212


The Greyhound station is located in downtown Portland. For rate and schedule information contact Greyhound. If you're coming to Portland from Seattle, check out Bolt Bus, a new Greyhound service that offers cheap trips between the two cities -- and will take your bike!


Bolt Bus


(503) 273-4865
(800) 872-7245

The Amtrak station is located in downtown Portland at the historic Union Station.


Public Transport

Portland’s public transportation system, TriMet, is invaluable when navigating the city without wheels of your own. TriMet can get you anywhere you would like to go through their extensive bus and light rail system. The Max Light Rail can easily be taken from the Portland International Airport (PDX) into the city. Fares vary depending on your destination but an all day pass is around $5.