Ashland Campus

United Bicycle School Ashland Campus

The layout and design of our two state-of-the-art Ashland classrooms promotes a stimulating learning environment. UBI’s Ashland Campus is next door to United Bicycle Supply, a wholesale supplier of bicycle tools in the bike industry. This keeps us exposed to and equipped with the absolute latest and greatest tool technologies available anywhere.

UBI Ashland Mechanics ClassroomMechanics Classroom

In the mechanics classroom, our Ashland campus features custom designed student workbenches equipped with a complete selection of professional-grade tools including; torque wrenches, frame preparation cutting and milling tools and spoke tension meters. We are constantly upgrading our workbenches as technology changes. We regularly evaluate and when applicable, add new tools and teaching aids to offer the students the best learning experience possible.


UBI Ashland Frame shopFrame Shop

In our frame shop, students have access to drafting tables and workbenches equipped with all of the tools needed to prepare tubes for the manufacturing process you selected. We have a fit bike, frame jigs, a milling machine, lathe, and torches and welders to help you build your custom bike frame.