TIG Welding Seminar

UBI TIG Welding Seminar

Who Will Benefit:

  • First Time Welders
  • Career Oriented Mechanics
  • Brazing Frame Builders Who Wish To Learn Another Method


None - this is an entry level class.

What You'll Learn:

This TIG Welding Seminar is designed to introduce TIG welding to prospective frame builders, or builders with brazing-only experience. This class is usually offered immediately following a Chromoly Brazing Frame Building class. Students taking both classes have an opportunity to learn the two most common construction techniques used by frame builders today. Though not required, some students take the TIG Welding Seminar as additional preparation for one of the TIG welded frame building classes; chromoly or titanium.

The seminar covers, in detail, equipment selection and use. A special emphasis is placed on producing strong, cosmetically appealing weld beads in bicycle frame joints. As with all of our classes, plenty of hands-on practice is combined with lectures and demonstrations. Students will learn the importance of accurate tube mitering and will have the opportunity to weld numerous chromoly practice joints during the seminar.

Tuition Information

UBI TIG Welding Seminar


Our two day TIG Welding Seminar tuition is $550 with a $50 registration fee required with your signed class application. Please register early! Our TIG Seminar usually fills within 30 days of the start of each class.


Class Schedule & Registration:

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