UBI Classes

United Bicycle Institute offers the most diverse bicycle-related curriculum available anywhere in the world. We offer 8 different classes to choose from that are designed for every experience level and interest. Every class has a healthy balance of lecture, demonstration, and practical hands-on experience.

If you are wondering which courses would be appropriate for you, check out the detailed description of each session, and then decide which classes to take based on your previous experience and present needs. Some of our students take all of our courses to provide the most comprehensive foundation possible before entering the bicycle industry.

If you have any questions about which courses to sign up for, please feel free to contact us.


Introduction to Bicycle Maintenance – 5 Days

Professional Repair & Shop Operation – 2 Weeks

Advanced Certification Seminars:

  • UBI DT/Swiss Advanced Wheel Building – 2 Days
  • Certified Suspension Technician – 3 Days

Continuing Education Seminars – 1 to 2 Days