“Learning to build wheels was especially cool but I enjoyed the whole course.”

Kaitlin B. from Portland, OR

“UBI has the most professional training that I have taken that is not military. Great job!”

Joe H. from Winter Garden, FL

“My experience here far exceeded my expectations. I accomplished everything I came to learn and more.”

Christine Z. from San Jose, CA

“The instructor to student ratio was incredible!”

John L. from Chicago, IL

“It was an enjoyable educational experience that was presented at the perfect pace and level.”

Arne S. from Philomath, OR

“Great time in general. I wish I had this class when I first started out.”

Michael H. from Seaford, DE

“The teachers were open, honest, down-to-earth. Never once did I feel put down, disengaged, discouraged. The learning process was free flowing and easy.”

Johnny C. from New York, NY

“The course offered more than I expected. The expertise of the instructors was very impressive and the facilities were well stocked, organized, and comprehensive with every tool on the planet within reach!”

Joseph G. from Pompton Lakes, NJ

“Well worth the time and money.”

David B. from Fort Worth, TX

“[I liked] learning all the time saving and effort saving techniques of professional mechanics and learning how complex the bicycle systems are.”

Michael E. from McLean, VA

“Honestly I think this is the only occasion I can come back and tell my parents I had fun at school and actually learned!”

Don V. from Santa Clara, CA

“[I] really appreciated the thorough documentation and after hours ability to ask questions.”

Lara I. from Portland, OR

“The opportunity to work on my own bikes was invaluable. I really liked that UBI addressed old tech and the latest innovations.”

Joel T. from Loveland, CO

“Instructors are patient and teach so each individual can understand it best.”

Rugile K. from Chicago, IL

“This was a fantastic experience and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Maryann P. from Emporia, KS

“If you are thinking about UBI, do not hesitate. These guys are the real deal! I am a cynical New Yorker and UBI passes my test with flying colors. It has been awesome and a life changing experience for me.”

Mike D. from NYC, NY

“This place is like pizza, it’s always awesome!”

Jesse S. from Fair Oaks, CA

“Instructors taught us how to wrench in a real world.”

John L. from Chicago, IL

“UBI is a fantastic school that offers a professional and high quality learning experience. I really enjoyed the course and feel like I skilled up a lot in a very short two weeks. Thank you!”

Nicholas W. | East Hardwick, VT.

“I liked the neutral, expert help and teaching and the great physical environment – tools /classroom /materials.”

Alexis D. from New York, NY

“The people here are professional, kind, and a great resource.”

Brice T. from Sarasota, FL

“Even though I have built wheels for 25 years and thought I knew a lot, I was wrong. There were many things to learn and I thank you for the knowledge.”

Frank C. from Babylon, NY

“Teachers are passionate about what they teach.”

Etienne H. from Montreal, Quebec

“What I liked most about my experience at UBI was the one on one type of classroom experience and knowledgeable staff.”

Bryan S. | Mckinleyville, CA

“I liked the extra late night work times”

Samuel S. from Kansas City, MO

“The instructors were supportive and the atmosphere was 100% positive.”

Elizabeth G. | Long Beach, NY

“I liked the group learning style and digital presentation of material.”

Valerie S. from Minneapolis, MN

“The instructors were friendly and encouraging”

Emily L. from Salem, OR

“Awesome. Just awesome.”

Mari A. from Detroit, MI

“I have never had so much fun learning. Thank you for the opportunity, UBI!”

Paul R. from Whittier, CA

“Great facility with top-notch instructors.”

David W. from Steamboat Springs, CO

“Everyone was professional and I never felt judged or shamed for coming with zero experience.”

Mary M. from Durango, CO

“We are very satisfied with our choice to attend this course and the experience of interacting with Denise, jeff, Zack and Peter was excellent. Thank you for an enjoyable experience.”

David A. | Littleton, CO.

“My expectations were exceeded in every aspect; the knowledge of the instructors, their presentation skills, their patience, sense of humor, etc. The shop was exceedingly well-equipped and well lit.”

Tom C. from Naperville, IL

“The textbook is a great compliment to the in-class experience.”

Ana F. from Gainesville, FL

“Great time, wonderful staff. Can’t wait to come back!”

Ryan P. from Jacksonville, FL

“I can now cut a brake cable without wincing. Thank you for the great instruction and for all the patience. You have a fantastic school.”

Andy D. from Pine Valley, CA

“I appreciated the constructive feedback and feeling of being part of something. No question too silly.”

Maggie P. | Felton, CA.

“Having the opportunity to study with very experienced and also fun instructors was just overall great. I also appreciate how UBI took COVID seriously.”

Gavin K. from Belchertown, MA

“It was serious and seriously FUN!”

Adam C. from Chicago, IL

“The class size was perfect, and all the instructors were personable, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. A great learning environment!”

Kurt F. from Ballston Spa, NY

“Hands-on learning and the instructors with their positive attitudes made for the best experience.”

Brett S. from Ashland, OR

“I’m just so happy that UBI exists! Without UBI I would be lost and stumbling on my own. Thank you!”

Sean M from Skyforest, CA

“The warm, encouraging educational model. No question is a bad question and patience you all have with instruction is wonderful.”

Rose R. | Harshaw, WI

“Fantastic learning experience! I would definitely encourage other women who are on the fence to go ahead and take the course.”

Elizabeth M. from Seattle, WA

“Learned more in this class than I have in the last year of working at a shop”

Daniel K. from Portland, OR

“Thanks for the great class! The instructors really made the program what it was.”

Quincy S. from Truckee, CA

“[I liked] learning how to do stuff in person. Watching a Youtube video is only so good.”

Kyle R. from Eugene, OR

“Instruction was clear, concise, well presented. The instructors stand out not only as knowledgeable, but extremely patient and organized teachers – a gift in the industry.”

Bill D. from Springdale, UT

“It was a blast every day!”

David R. from Bakersfield, CA

“The whole experience was a full 10 /10 and I am sad to leave.”

Hannah B. from Portland, OR

“I liked getting feedback during hands-on sessions and being able to ask any question about what I was working on.”

Sterling D. from Jameston, RI

“I liked the constant knowledge! Even on topics I was already familiar with. I learned so much!”

Phillip D. from Portland, OR

“I have been through many education programs, through the Phd level. This program was among the best I have attended.”

William Y. | Lafayette, CO.

“This is the best training course I have ever attended.”

Tony M. from Reno, NV

“The learning atmosphere of UBI allows for all levels of knowledge in all areas of the industry.”

Daniel S. from NSW, Australia

“The instructors are some of the best teachers I have ever experienced.”

Charles R. from Altamonte Springs, FL

“This has been one of the most wonderful months of my adult life.”

Jessica W. from Seattle, WA

“Had a lot of fun and I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned!”

James D. from Irving, TX

“The entire staff was GREAT! I learned a great deal at UBI.”

Manuel C. from Polacca, AZ

“The technicality at which you teach is awesome.”

Kayln C. from Missoula, MT

“I loved learning about how to use torque wrenches. Amazing!”

Carolyn W. from Milwaukee, WI

“The instructors are very willing to help you understand the how /why we do things.”

Matt L. from St. Paul, MN

“The instructors are on top of the industry and have a vast amount of knowledge.”

Kevin A. from Ocala, FL

“Each [instructor] was rich with input, patience, and a willingness to help. This allowed us to laugh at our foibles and fears and encouraged us.”

Dan M. from Bend, OR

“I appreciated the patience and attitude of the instructors.”

Ellen W. from Ashland, OR

“I am so grateful for the opportunity. I am leaving inspired to help my job (youth development non-profit) succeed!”

Molli B. from Calgary, AB

“The instructors and quality of materials totally exceeded my expectations.”

Timothy C. from Pleasanton, CA

“The instruction and overall professionalism is outstanding. (UBI) provided an excellent learning atmosphere to build confidence in bicycle repair.”

Calvin S. from Anchorage, AK

“I would highly recommend this course to others looking to get into the bike industry.”

Michael P. from Wenatchee, WA

“I learned more in this week of instruction than I did while working at a bike shop for a year.”

Kevin P. from San Diego, CA

“I never felt afraid to ask a question.”

Kyla P. from Los Angeles, CA

“The entire experience was excellent!”

Felipe B. from Sunnyvale, CA